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Innermetrix ADVanced Insights

Assessment & Analysis

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The Road to becoming your Best Self

Become the manager you want to be today!
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Get the best from your team

Let’s be honest, not everyone is meant to be a manager of people. Though, most organizations classify career advancement as moving into roles of leadership. So, how do you and other high performers become the best in leading your teams?

Specific reasons to use an organizational assessment vary by company or the stakeholder initiating the process; however, in general, the analysis shows both positives and negatives and helps prioritize areas to focus on to achieve maximum achievements and dramatic results within your organization.

These assessments can only be presented and interpreted by a Certified Innermetrix Consultant, Driven Leadership being one of the foremost experts in the field.

The Innermetrix ADVanced Insights Profile combines the best of three world-class profiles.

  • The Attribute Index measures how you think and make decisions.

  • The Values Index measures your motivational style and drivers and

  • The DISC Index measures your preferred Behavioral style.

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Mary Belden-McGrath is one of the foremost experts in the Country in InnerMetrix Analysis

This level of self-awareness and discovery are the core to achieving peak performance in any role or endeavor.