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Leading an Engaged Culture

Core Attributes of Leadership

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It’s not just another development crash-course.

It is a sustainable, results-driven new paradigm moving individuals, management teams, and companies to extraordinary new levels.

Onsite Trainings and Programs

Live Workshops

While these programs still use experiential processes, they are more skill and information based in nature. Designed to enhance knowledge and awareness around each topic with specific skills practiced and applied.

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Executive /Manager Program

The program is designed to guide the executive team in creating clarity around goals and vision while opening lines of communication and aligning every member of the organization.

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Certified Facilitators

TKI, Innermetrix, Thomas Kilmann Instrument, Conflict, Management

TKI – Understanding Conflict Resolution Styles

The Thomas Kilmann Instrument (TKI® assessment) is the world’s best-selling conflict management tool helping trainers, managers, and business leaders move through productive one-on-one and group discussions about conflict.
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Innermetrix ADVanced Insights

The ADVanced Innermetrix Insights Profile (DISC, Values, and Attributes) is one of the most accurate and extensive business profile leadership assessments  combining three world-class profiles: Attribute, Values and Behavioral style.

Immersive Experiential Training Programs

Explore our 2 1/2 Day immersive, results-driven leadership training programs:

About Us

Eric McGrath, DrivenLeadership, DrivenForLife, DrivenBusiness, TKI, Innermetrix, Kilmann Institute

Eric McGrath | Chief Excellence Officer

For the last 20+ years, Eric has worked with business leaders on being excellent and creating exceptional results for his clients – specializing in multi-phase employee engagement programs. Eric is a born leader, entrepreneur, businessman and competitor.  He is an expert in all areas of facilitation of leadership and management development. Eric is certified in Predictive Index, Innermetrix/DISC, TKI Conflict Assessment and became Master Certified in Experiential Training.

Developing Company Culture for Higher Profits, Less Turnover & Better Employee Engagement
Mary McGrath, DrivenForLife, BOLD, TKI, Innermetrix

Mary Belden-McGrath | Chief Relationship Officer

As the recipient of the Leadership Orange County Excellence Award, Mary understands the power of great communication and leadership. Her ability to build relationships has impacted all areas of her career. Mary has excelled in the workplace as a top sales performer, business owner, a Certified Master Trainer and has sat on the governing board of several non-profit organizations. She is a passionate cultivator of relationships, organizations, and personal development. Mary creates Experiential Learning Programs geared toward leadership, team development, and communication. She is one of the foremost experts in Innermetrix ADVanced Insights Profile (DISC, Values, and Attributes). She is also Driven Leadership’s lead facilitator for it’s flagship program BOLD: Advanced Leadership and Conflict Management using the TKI.

Experiential Leadership Trainer | Employee Engagement Consultant | Executive Coach

95% of business owners or managers say that Driven Leadership programs changed their culture and improved their bottom line.

What People are Saying

Edward Powers

Lt. Colonel (Ret.)
“BOLD shocked me and broke down limitations that have been holding me back for years. This is not another 7 habits, 20 rules, or 3 steps. BOLD is different. Driven Leadership will show you something you have never seen before. You will unleash the Titan within you. You cannot leave unchanged.”

Karl Pomeroy

President, Goodman Manufacturing
“The team at Driven Leadership exceeded my expectations with one of the best programs I have ever been a part of.”

Peter Smith

USC Head Coach, Men's Tennis
“In 28 years, this was the best off-court process, exercise or team training we have ever done. It was amazing to see the transformation from start to finish for the individuals and team.  They pushed us all of to a place that none of us thought we could go.”

Cassanda King

We Care Plumbing, Heating and Air
“This has been the most amazing experience I have ever taken part in. This class shows the true value of what it means to go all in. The training gives you the opportunity to reevaluate your purpose and place in life.”

Over 98% of participants surveyed reported that Driven Leadership programs made a profound and lasting difference in their lives and businesses.

Today is the day – Start the Driven process and be ready to level up!