ADVanced Insights Profile and Analysis

ADVanced Insights Profile and Analysis

ADVanced Insights Profile and Analysis

The Innermetrix ADVanced Insights Profile and Analysis


The Innermetrix ADVanced Insights Profile combines the best of three world-class profiles.

  • The Attribute Index measures how you think and make decisions
  • The Values Index measures your motivational style and drivers
  • The DISC Index measures your preferred behavioral style

Together they answer the questions WHAT, WHY and HOW:

  • What natural talents do you have?
  • Why are you motivated to use them?
  • How do you prefer to use them?

This level of self-awareness and discovery are the core to achieving peak performance in any role or endeavor, to ensure that you properly align what you do best with how you do it and why you are driven to do so.

The Advanced Insights profiles are one of the most accurate and extensive business profile predictors on the planet. These assessments can only be presented and interpreted by a Certified Innermetrix Consultant. Mary Belden-McGrath is a certified consultant and one of the foremost experts in the country.

Attribute Index: Over fifty years of scientific research has revealed that there are three distinct styles of decision-making:

  • The personal
  • The practical
  • The analytical

Each of us can make decisions in these three ways, but we tend to develop a preference for one more than the other two. This preference becomes a subconscious force, affecting the decisions we make on a daily basis and shaping how we perceive the world around us and ourselves.

DISC Index: Research conducted by Innermetrix shows that the most successful people share the common trait of self-awareness. They recognize the situations that will make them successful, and this makes it easy for them to find ways of achieving objectives that fit their behavioral style.

This report measures four dimensions of your behavioral style:

  • Decisive — your preference for problem-solving and getting results
  • Interactive — your preference for interacting with others and showing emotion
  • Stability — your preference for pacing, persistence and steadiness
  • Cautiousness — your preference for procedures, standards and protocols

VALUES Index: Values help influence behavior and action and can be considered somewhat of a hidden motivation because they are not readily observable. Understanding your values help to tell you why you prefer to do what you do. It’s vital for superior performance to ensure that your motivations are satisfied by what you do. This drives your passion, reduces fatigue, inspires you and increases drive.

This report measures seven dimensions of motivation:

  • Aesthetic – a drive for balance, harmony and form.
  • Economic – a drive for economic or practical returns.
  • Individualistic – a drive to stand out as independent and unique.
  • Political – a drive to be in control or have influence.
  • Altruistic – a drive for humanitarian efforts or to help others altruistically.
  • Regulatory – a drive to establish order, routine and structure.
  • Theoretical – a drive for knowledge, learning and understanding.
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