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Welcome to the next level of leadership and team development

If you accept the FORGE challenge, you will never be the same

The Forge: Team Execution is delivered in a completely different style than BOLD. The expectation is that each member already understands the level of accountability and performance required to excel in a Driven Leadership Program.

Experience a new paradigm of Leadership Development in an unparalleled environment for leaders, managers, teams and individuals to be pushed to their next level.

Over three days you will “experience” leadership by being completely immersed in a series of hands-on processes that enable you to greatly expand your awareness and ability to lead people and teams.

FORGE is about building your foundational ability to inspire and empower others to perform at their ultimate best.

We also conduct private FORGE training just for your company team.

FORGE, Team Execution, Driven Leadership, TKI, Kilmman Institute, Innermetrix

Next Session: November 6-8, 2019

*Prerequisite – Graduate of BOLD: Advanced Leadership or attending with a graduate of BOLD: Advanced Leadership.

Why Forge? Your results are:

This program focuses on how the leader develops a team. Moving from trust to execution of a highly engaged team. You will be required to work with different personality types through challenging processes designed to help each
attendee become aware of their behavior in relation to building a high-performance team. Often, attendees will be accompanied by peers and coworkers from any level of the organization as they are working on their team cohesion and performance, however that is not a requirement. Approximately 60% of this program is delivered outside and has light physical activity off and on throughout. Most physical limitation can be accommodated for a participant’s needs.

• Understanding and application of the elements of a high-performance team
• Enhanced trust and understanding of each team member
• Increased emotional intelligence
• Self-confidence in dealing with challenge and adversity
• Increased problem-solving ability
• Passion for your team and organization

Driven For Life, BOLD: Advanced Leadership
The Advantage: Engaged Communication
FORGE, Team Execution, Driven Leadership, TKI, Kilmman Institute, Innermetrix