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Hey Teens – Why do you want to go to this 2 1/2 day challenge?
It’s challenging, exhilarating and a lot of fun.  It is also hard. These 3 days will set you up for success, whether in college, career or family.  You’ll learn to be the best that you can be and will be given solid leadership tools.  You’ll improve your decision making, communication, negotiating and team building.

Plus you can identify what holds you back and what are your best traits. Best part is you won’t be sitting in a classroom taking notes, you’ll be inside and outside actively participating in challenging processes.

Next Session:  August 9-11, 2019

Team Leadership Foundation

Hey Parents – Why do you want your teen in this training?
This is the best leader program your teen can attend. Period. They are introduced to leadership fundamentals that are the baseline for every venture they will do in life. Skills such as communication, negotiating, presenting ideas with clarity and working within a team are all covered.

Plus each teen identifies and breakthough fears that may be holding them back and strengths that will drive their future.  Through Teen Leadership, each participant will learn to  be their absolute best in difficult situations and how to approach each day with an attitude of success.  The students will be inside and outside actively participating in challenging processes as they experience leadership and great team support.

[ultimate_ctation ctaction_background=”#ffffff” ctaction_background_hover=”#efeded” text_font_size=”desktop:14px;”]This program is two and a half days for teens in high school; ages 14-18, with a desire to perform at their best. The course is a combination of our BOLD: Advanced Leadership and FORGE: Leadership-Foundation courses.[/ultimate_ctation]
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Summer 2017 – “I just wanted to give you an update on Austin. He is a changed person since your weekend with him. The biggest change is the drastic change in his social skills. He is more self-aware, confident in himself yet very genuine. He is more aware of those around him, significantly more responsible and much more driven to earn money and move forward in life. He’s now talking about going to a firefighter program for college. Prior to you guys, I would ask him what he wanted to be and he would say he didn’t know and didn’t even want to talk about it. It is now very apparent that he is going to work hard and strive towards his goals. I can’t say enough to you about how much I appreciate that weekend! Austin is so much more content with who he is inside with a sense of peace. He’s always been wonderful and amazing. I just don’t think he saw himself like I do and now he does. Thank you!! I have always loved spending time with Austin but it is now so much more enjoyable.  He drastically matured over that weekend. You forever changed the course of my son’s life for the positive! Thank you thank you thank you

Driven’s Leadership Training Foundation was created in response to parents asking for specialized programs designed to empower teens. It is not for everyone. It is for a select group of young adults who are ready to step into a leadership role and embrace their brilliance in their own lives, school and/or work.

Teen Leadership Foundation is offered to teens age 14-18. Each teen must submit a written request to be accepted into the program and goes through an interview process.

The program is offered entirely through a scholarship fund in partnership with The Pure Game, nonprofit  organization that helps children and teens develop character through experiential learning.

Where will your money go? All donations go to our scholarship fund to provide Teen Leadership Foundation to eligible teens supporting the leaders of tomorrow.

All Donations are Tax Deductible.

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