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This morning I jumped from 13,000 ft in the sky to the ground in 7-8 minutes, traveling at roughly 120 MPH, at least until my parachute opened. I didn’t feel like I was going 120mph…or for that matter, other than the 1st 20 seconds, that I was free falling through the sky.

But that’s not the whole story, the whole story is more interesting.

It’s all about perspective. A little research tells me that the human brain needs to triangulate itself in space to feel speed. For example, when you bungee jump, you’re standing on a solid object among other objects. When you leave the exit point, your brain uses the stable objects around you to calculate how fast you’re moving relative to them. It triangulates.

But in the sky, the world below you appears as flat as a map. There is nothing around you that gives you perspective of speed. Yet, you are falling 120mph to earth. Even if it doesn’t feel that fast, it’s a pretty incredible feeling. I can’t tell you what skydiving is like, because it’s not like anything else.

I was somewhat blown away by how calm I was, not nervous or anxious. I did ask my tandem partner if he was feeling particularly depressed or suicidal today. He looked at me quite seriously and said, “Well, I did break up with my girlfriend last night.” Funny guy!

Over and over, you heard the tandem guys asking, “Is this your first jump?” As their nervous partner answered yes, they joyfully said, “me too.” Funny guys.

And then we hit 13,000 feet. Up until then, things seemed kind of normal. But it was about to change. The door of the airplane was open and one by one people peeled out, falling into the sky, headed for earth. As the tandem partners scooted closer and closer, reality left. Reality obviously fell out the airplane door with the divers.  Right up until then, everything had been grounded in normal experience. Now I was completely out of my element and about to fall 120 mph to earth. Hopefully not all the way … counting on that parachute strapped to my tandem partner – BoBo.  Uh, yes – BoBo.

Out we went. Just me and BoBo dropping through the sky.

No fear.

Free fall … only 1 minute or so. 120 mph for 1 minute. Seemed much longer.

Then a yank by the parachute and there was nothing to do but admire the view, chat with my instructor and float down to earth strapped like a baby to BoBo. Five-six minutes and it was time to land. I was told to keep my feet up and out of the way. Easier said than done when you see the ground rather quickly approaching. So, yes, I landed on my butt, as I so often do in life and sprained my ankle.

So that was today. The real story is how I got here.

Roadblocks – we all have them. Even when we pretend we don’t, it’s just not true. We all have roadblocks embedded deep within us.

The short version is I’ve been successful in the corporate world, in my own businesses, generally in life. Of course, as with any life, there have been ups and downs. Though nothing too crazy, and overall life’s been good.

Then 2 years ago, I spent 2 ½ days in the mountains of Wrightwood. Two and a half days walking (or maybe being propelled) through what Driven Leadership calls Advanced Leadership. Yes, I know you’ve heard me talk about this, but bear with me. Here I go again…

When I signed up for BOLD: Advanced Leadership, I primarily did it because Mick (my husband) had taken it and was speaking concepts and terms that I wasn’t familiar with. So, I signed up … needed to understand what cool-aid he and his company had drank. Two hours in, I didn’t care what he had drank, I was immersed in what I was doing.

To be clear, I was successful, clear on who I am, clear on where I was going, clear on my vision, my why, my drive. Or so I thought. And, then BOLD happened.

When I was 43, I began a new life in Christ. I had grown up and spent the majority of my life in the New Age/Metaphysical world…psychics, astrology, magic and a whole gamut of woo-woo stuff. And then life happened – which is entirely another story – but I crashed: fire, flood and famine. On my knees, I cried out to God and He answered. I believed. Easy, but too simplistic, to say the most significant moment of my life. Becoming a believer was the single most defining moment creating who I am today.

Then at 56, I discovered BOLD – yes, the program, but also – the word.  BOLD.

bold –  adjective
\ ˈbōld  \

1afearless before danger
bshowing or requiring a fearless daring spirit
2IMPUDENT, PRESUMPTUOUS – If I may be so bold
6standing out prominently

So, what does it mean to approach life with a “fearless daring spirit”?  To approach life, every single thing in life, with BOLD fearlessness. How does that change your career, your business, your relationships?  With a fearless daring spirit how can you change the world?

The second most defining moment of my life: BOLD: Advanced Leadership. It changed the course, the trajectory of my life. It took me to a new level – a level I didn’t know existed. Level up, girl. Level Up. Best money, best time I’ve ever invested in myself.

Back to Roadblocks. You don’t work through them in BOLD, you don’t break through them – you destroy them. You identify and with razor focus – demolish them.

BOLD: Advanced Leadership – Known for shifting your life. Known for changing the culture and course of your business. Known for larger-than-life feels. Known for big promises, kept in a big way. Known for taking you to a level where you can live your best life: in business, in relationships, as a boss, as a leader, as a spouse, as a parent, as a friend. As a resident of this world.

We have a responsibility. An obligation to make change – in small ways, in big ways. Whether you are changing one person’s life, or impacting your entire community, we have an obligation. We must be part of something bigger than ourselves. Driven Leadership creates changemakers. Driven Leadership creates change. Driven Leadership creates new perspective. You enter with your reality of normal. Then you jump and fall 120 mph to a new norm.

So, here’s the crux. I went to BOLD when I was 56. In the deepest parts of my soul, I want the people I love, the people I respect, the people I believe in to experience the next level – a level they only imagine. To be propelled into living their absolute best life, whatever that is. To take the leap and to fly 120 mph into who you were absolutely meant to be without roadblocks, without fear.

I compare this to Skydiving because without a doubt before BOLD, I would not have jumped. I also would not have swum with turtles in Maui or a myriad of other things that have happened in the last two years. I would not have gotten out of my own way. Roadblocks.

I want the people in my life to be part of the 3% who can and will change the world, whether it’s one person at a time or group by group. The world is crying out for change and it is up to us. To my friends – you know who you are. I don’t have a lot of friends but the ones I do, I love to no end. I have something I need to say, and I need you to lean in and give a listen.

It only takes 3% of highly passionate people to make change in any organization, any community or in the world. Only 3%. I challenge my friends, my family to level up. It’s your turn

Deb Bostwick

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  • This spoke to me so much and I desperately want and need this to happen for me/to me and I can’t wait! ”

    “Back to Roadblocks. You don’t work through them in BOLD, you don’t break through them – you destroy them. You identify and with razor focus – demolish them.”

    Praying for a miracle if destruction!


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