BOLD: Advanced Leadership

BOLD: Advanced Leadership

BOLD: Advanced Leadership


Our premier two and a half-day program for professionals designed to take you from where you are to where you want to be in the shortest amount of time.

Note: We intentionally limit enrollment in the trainings. We believe the smaller programs (12-16 people) are optimal.  Trainings fill fast. We will make every attempt to enroll you on the date you desire.


BOLD: Advanced Leadership

“It’s like Seal Training for the Business World”

BOLD: Advanced Leadership is a transformative two-day training program developed for professionals who want to challenge themselves and advance in their leadership journey. Whether you’re embarking on your leadership path, navigating its challenges, or at the top of your career, BOLD promises to leave a remarkable impact on you, your life, and your business.
This program is not for the faint-hearted—it’s intense, demanding, yet immensely rewarding. It’s crafted for individuals seeking more than just another seminar; it’s a career-defining experience.
Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or an emerging leader, BOLD will stretch you beyond your limits, build awareness to areas you have missed, and furnish you with the tools to elevate to YOUR next level.
BOLD is completely different!
BOLD is an Immersive Experiential™ Program.  You are put into challenging situations and you get the opportunity to think, problem solve and collaborate to work your way through the situation.  Receiving live feedback on real behavior, and truly examining why you do what you do. How do you handle stress, pressure and change?  What do you do when a challenging personality disagrees with your opinion?  Are you a leader who strives to control your way through an issue or are you well versed in diplomacy but struggle with setting boundaries.  We all have areas that when developed will help us lead and respond better in difficult situations. What is your next level? Due to the experiential nature of the program it doesn’t matter what your experience is or the amount of training you have already been through.  Your strengths will come to the surface and your weaknesses will be exposed for you to grow and take your entire skill set to the next level. Bold: Advanced Leadership is a NOT for everyone!  It is specifically designed to take professionals from where they are to where they want to be in the shortest amount of time. Often clients refer to these three days as the toughest three days of their life…and they loved every bit of it.

“BOLD challenges you to look beyond the obvious, to ask questions where everyone else simply nods, and set the status quo on it’s head.”

This is not a fix-it class. This is for top performers or up and coming top performers, that when pushed will raise the results of the entire organization.

Some of the many results available to you from BOLD:

  • Enhanced emotional intelligence
  • Confidence in speaking (Interpersonal and public)
  • Connection to your purpose and passion
  • Understanding your motivators and de-motivators
  • Increased perception of leading a high-performance team
  • Improved ability to give and receive feedback
  • Situational awareness
  • Better results under stress, pressure, and change
  • Working with different personalities in a challenging environment

Ask a BOLD graduate what they thought and you get a unanimous “Life changing, it’s a game changer!”