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TKI Live Workshop


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TKI Live Workshop (2-Days) – TKI Train the Trainer

Driven Leadership is currently the only licensed and certified live facilitators of Dr. Ralph Kilmann’s work including the TKI Conflict Assessment in North America. While Dr. Kilmann once facilitated such workshops himself, he has asked Driven Leadership to take over the huge responsibility of bringing his work to life through live facilitation.


Conflict is inevitable, however your response to conflict is 100% in your control. For many leaders, it also is the greatest area that they need to improve. Leaders who are not exceptional at handling conflict create a variety of different challenges in their organization. This workshop will teach the participants to understand the TKI Assessment as well as enhance their ability to facilitate the information to others. Some of the common challenges that understanding the TKI will help overcome are:
• Teams with low accountability
• Siloing of departments
• General poor communication
• Overcoming gossip and frustration
• Lower team performance
• Teams that are resistant to change
• Many more

Benefits of the 2-Day LIVE TKI Train the Trainer Workshop

✓ Understanding the five conflict modes
✓ Understand your dominate conflict modes using the TKI
✓ Recognize the effective and ineffective uses of each mode
✓ How to assess any conflict and what mode to use
✓ Practice using the tool situationally
✓ Understand the TKI more in-depth to adapt to any conflict
✓ Combine personality types and the TKI to create better
conflict resolution
✓ Understand your teams’ group dynamics within conflict
✓ Enhanced ability to facilitate the above benefits with others

Date of Workshop:
May 28-29, 2020

Complete 2 TKI’s (one for
inside the organization and
one for outside the

Course Length:
2 days starting at:
8 a.m. and finishing by 4 p.m.

Online Certification

Goodman Lawrenceville
621 Hurricane Shoals Road NW
Lawrenceville, GA 30046

(includes 2 TKI profiles and
online certification)

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TKI – May 28-29, 2020