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Saying Goodbye and Hello

One year ago we said goodbye to living in California and moved back to WA! The dream that was in my heart when I originally left WA to make a difference, to step into my purpose and passion came with a HUGE price.

It didn’t happen the way I planned and through many ups and downs, successes and failures, heartaches and celebrations – I was groomed to step into my purpose, I went through incredible growth -personally/mentally/emotionally/spiritually. The hardest years of my life and some of the most powerful years of my life!

I married the love of my life and we started our own company, Driven For Life aka Driven Leadership. The training ground for those 13 years allowed me to come back home to my family equipped and able to continue to do what I am passionate about.

I have the AND in my life! I have my family, I get to be with my kids, grandkids all the time, see and be with my dad for the time he has left on this earth, and spend time with my sisters and nieces & nephews. I reconnected with my best friend, have more balance than ever AND Driven Leadership is growing and we are impacting companies, individuals, teams…

I am sooooo grateful! So blessed!

Never give up on the dream you have inside of you. It may not look like you originally thought it would, and it may take a long time… Be patient, do the work required to get there, keeping on keeping on, and above all BELIEVE that it will happen… it will!

Living On Purpose,

Mary Belden-McGrath
Chief Relationship Officer 

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