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Who is your tribe? Most of us will identify friends or family. But think about it, most of us spend more time with our coworkers than with our families and certainly more than time with our friends. When Driven For Life’s BOLD: Advanced Leadership takes place it’s a group of strangers in a room building unity, building self. Now we have Driven for Life’s FORGE: Team Execution. Two groups from 2 different companies plus a few islands looking to build team, build communication. Some know each other well, some not.

How does this group of business leaders, managers and star players become more? Become a team. Become a Tribe. Two and a half days in the San Bernardino mountains pushing, striving, breaking the status quo, shattering barriers.

Two and a half days designed to take these players to a new level. To unite them as a Tribe propelling them, not just to new levels, but to unforeseen areas of excellence. Discovering unexpected brilliance within themselves. Defining new attributes as leaders. Leaders who walk in their truth, who lay it on the line, who choose to be their best self and who inspire others to great heights.

Is that even possible? I’m watching it. I am witness to 16 leaders, age 24-61, who discovered this week that “sitting idly is more dangerous than taking action” (quote by Travis Matthews). Men and women who were willing to come together, some from the same office, some strangers, and push their limits.

As I watched them move from individual competition to moving effortlessly as a team, communicating, inspiring, supporting while building each other up. Up to those new heights. Learning to have fun even in failure, learning to be creative under stress and most of all remaining a tribe when the pressure set it. Amazing.

This is how leaders are created. This is how impact happens. This is how the world changes.

Congratulations FORGE Tribe!

Deb Bostwick

Staff Blogger, Champion & Warrior

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