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Each of us is wired uniquely. I suspect if you could stand each and every person side by side, no two out of the 7.4 billion folks in the world, are the same. Mind boggling if you take a minute to think about it. I believe in a God that has a big enough imagination to create each one of us individually and with purpose.

Whether you believe in a supreme being or a cosmic convergence – 7.4 billion purposeful beings is pretty incredible. All this to say…Tribe 305, 16 uniquely wired individuals are coming into their own.

What does it look like to own your power? To embrace your uniqueness and take ownership of your purpose. Today we will see that. Today it comes.

Last year, the Teen Leadership Foundations of 2016, the kids came late to the party. They fought the process. Oh yes, they got there but not easily. They embraced their brilliance, they pushed through to eventually grab onto a new view of self, but it was like giving birth to an elephant when you are a chihuahua (yeah that’s a bad and painful visual.). Sorry, maybe a bit too early in the morning for chihuahua/elephant imagery.

But this weekends group, Tribe 305, has shown up early and with force. There is no birthing these teens, they arrived demanding to be seen. They are wired strong and with purpose. Leaders of tomorrow? Oh yes, without a doubt.

If through this writing I can give you one thing, it is this. Be excited, be very excited – there are leaders for tomorrow in training. They have shown up, and shown up big.

Today, they will push, learn, grow and gain new insight into themselves and each other. They will become a team. I suspect they will be a force to be reckoned with. [reckoned: worth taking seriously because of being powerful, important, or good]. With 5 hours sleep, clean mountain air and hearts wide open to learn, the day starts….

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