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Champions, Status Quo and Cookie Crushers

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The Champions
Engaged employees feel a level of consistent enthusiasm for what they do and who they work with. They are willing to go the extra mile to ensure a customer is satisfied and help make the organization a success. We refer to these employees as Champions within the organization.


Champions, The Status Quo and Cookie Crushers

Who is ready to move to the next level?

The Status Quo
Then there are the partially engaged employees, who do the minimum to get by, concentrating on getting just enough done to fulfill their commitment to the job. Rarely coming up with creative
solutions or doing more than asked. We refer to these as Status Quo Employees.


Cookie Crushers
The third category of employee can be a real challenge within a business team. They are either looking for or naturally gravitate to opportunities to disrupt production, negatively gossip and spread toxicity throughout. We refer to these as employees as the Cookie Crushers.

Who in your organization needs to move to the next level?  Who has the small inner fire to become a Champion if they just have someone who can ignite them?  Bold: Advanced Leadership is the match that lights the fire.

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