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3 Values Teams Need to Share

A few years ago, I attended a talk by Perry Noble from New Springs Church. We were at a conference for large mega-churches, most having 50-100 staff members. He had an interesting presentation of the 3 Values Teams Need to Share and specifics to be considered.

•Is the vision of your organization clear and within that vision are the expectations clear?
•Does everyone know what to do and why?If you understand the why, the what will eventually become natural.
•Can the team speak freely about ANYTHING behind closed doors?Can you embrace tension with nothing off-limits? Tension is what often brings growth. Done right, it’s ok to disagree, it doesn’t put your relationship at risk.
•Do you value the opinion of everyone on the team? Is there someone that starts to talk and everyone tunes out? If so, why are they on the team?
•Are you really excited about the direction your organization is going? “Tomorrow is going to be the best day EVER!”
•Would you use your company if you didn’t work there?

•Truth spoken in love always benefits.
•Am I friends with the people on my team? It’s a myth that there should be separation between the people we do life with and the ones we work with. We are doing life with these people. We should be friends.
•Am I making sure others have an opportunity to grow? When I attend a conference, trade show, training – do I roll with an entourage?
•Am I more obsessed with who my people are becoming than what they are doing? Don’t push them into doing something, push them to become something.
•Am I an encourager or devil’s advocate? The devil doesn’t need an advocate, he does fine on his own.
•Do I assume the best about the people on my team?
•Do I attack problems or people?
•Am I willing to confront? Email does not work…confrontation is always face to face. If people know you care about them, they’ll listen.

•Excellence is not perfection.Excellence is giving your best.
•Is my personal life in order? Is there anything private in my life that if it became public would discredit me?My life affects everyone on the team.
•Is everyone on the team seeking the same thing?
•Giving your best doesn’t mean running at mach-five with hair on fire. Giving your best means taking a break once in a while. Are you willing to ask for help? You don’t have to have all the answers.

3 SIMPLE VALUES that will help build your best team
•Speak the truth
•Love one another
•Give your best

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