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Next week, Driven for Life is once again offering the Teen Leadership program. Simply put, it’s a 3-Day intensive allowing High School students to seek and find their own brilliance. Seriously? Yes, seriously.

Last year, my husband and I chaperoned for one of the two offered. It was a wow. Such an incredible experience. On Friday, we saw 20 teens enter the room. Maybe ½ were obviously nervous and ½ were hiding nervousness with attitude. From a teen? Ha – never.

The following day we watched them push themselves to new limits. We watched walls and attitudes break down and we saw the beginning of transformation.

And then, and then, and then…

Sunday came. 20 changed students came in the door. They came to connect, to support, to communicate, to grow, to expand, to lead. Wow.

I found some of this online. Not all, but I believe at least some came from Simon T. Bailey author of Shift Your Brilliance: Harness the Power of You.


You facilitate change through your brilliant ideas, unique contributions, and futuristic thinking.
You envision and believe in the possibilities of your future, so strongly you make it happen.
You live your future as if it is happening now.
You are future-present because at some point you will hear conversations in your soul about who you are becoming.
You are prompted to your future by your inner-self first and then start processing it in your head.
You start showing your Brilliance. You start showing all you can be.

When you shift your brilliance, you flip the script. You create your own future by playing big, like BIG.

You move from seeking success to seeking significance.
You stop pushing your way to the future and start pulling the future to you.
You discover the missing piece of the puzzle is you.

When you shift your brilliance, you let go of what is no longer relevant to your future.

You become the total package, wired to be brilliant.
You become a leader with vision.
You solve problems to find solutions and lead without title.

When you shift your brilliance, you live your brand, from the inside out and create brilliant experiences.

You show up each and every time.
You recognize that everything you have experienced in your life creates the unique fabric of your life.
You relax and love from the inside out.
You exude positive energy in the midst of negativity.
You are not controlled by what people think of you.
You attract attention in a crowded room without saying a word.
You are dialed into what is happening in the world.
You don’t know how you do what you do, you just do it with confidence.
You inspire other to begin to shift from the inside out as well.
You are an agent of change.

…and THAT is how brilliance shines in the world. Last year 40 future leaders were released into the world. Next weekend, we will see 20 more, with 20 to follow in mid-August.

Oh to learn the things above as a teenager.
Oh the places they will go!

Staff Writer
Deb Bostwick

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