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What if once a month you could empower 14 people to become bigger players in the world? That’s 168 individuals a year or 1,176 over 7 years.

1,176 new changemakers in the world.Backstory: 97% of business owners, managers and employees are destined to play small. Yes – that is 97% of everyone. They create lives for themselves, and spend year after year getting by.

Occasionally a shiny object appears in the distance and the chase begins. The pursuit of one thing or another, looking for a break, a magic potion, a strike of lightning.

Flip this whole thing and it means only 3% of individuals are willing to step out and play big. Only 3% choose to navigate the world with clear defined steps prepared to set it on fire.

Once again, as I have every month for the past year, I watched another group of individuals released into the world. I always say “released” because it is as if they are shot out of a cannon. With new tools, new skills, new insight, and a new focus.

They are shot from a cannon and become part of the 3%.
They are now the ones you watch.
They are now the ones who grab your attention and won’t let go.
They are crushing it.
And all we can do is watch and say, “Wow”

So I sat in the back of the room and watched. I am certain as they walked towards the lodge through the cold mountain air, they wondered at least for a moment, why they were there. Why did they come? Why spend 3 days in the mountains, in the cold, away from family. Why?  And then it began … BOLD: Advanced Leadership 2023, with 12 strangers in a room, some engaged, most quiet.

Business growth is hard. Becoming a leader is hard. Personal growth is hard.  Most people live in their comfort zone with the same habits and routines day after day.  We go through life on average maintaining the status quo – part of the 97%. Never pushing beyond.

What would this world be like if there was a group of people standing up, making change, showing up, put it all on the line. What would it be like?

Will Rogers said, “You have to get out on the thin limbs, that is where the fruit is.”

And now they are off, this next group of changemakers, propelled on a trajectory toward their own definition of success. Go Big!
Submitted by:
Deb Bostwick
Staff Blogger

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